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Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for visiting EbizCraftsman . At EbizCraftsman we provide you with over 4,000 products at wholesale prices for your or for Dropship resale.

Let me take a few minutes and explain how the Dropship procedure works. Dropshipping is a very old concept that has been used by Retailers for many years. It works this way – We at EbizCraftsman warehouse all products for sale. You, the Retailer, have 100% rights to use all our pictures and descriptions of our products for sale. You use these pictures and descriptions to advertise our products for sale as if they were your own at your OWN markup. After and only after you obtain a sale and get paid for the product from your customer, do you ever PURCHASE anything. This saves you on warehouse space and the needless purchasing of large quantities of stock that may not sell. Once you make a sale just contact EbizCraftsman and place the order via our website. You pay the Wholesale cost plus the Shipping and we ship the product directly to your customer. This saves you the time and money of shipping products. What better way to make money. There is NO risky up front fees, No purchasing quantities of items that won’t sell, and NO LOSE OF MONEY. We do all the work and all you do is collect your preset markup as pure PROFIT.

We offer SEVERAL Turn Key websites that come fully stocked with products for dropship. We also offer a blank Ecommerce Product website that allows you to add as many products as you want.

Below are two examples of Fully Stocked TurnKey Websites. These websites are fully customizable and you can add as many products as you wish. ( More to come )

*** As a special offer ***

By purchasing this program you receive FREE Gold Level Dropship Membership to World of Products Corp. This website have over 3,500 products at below wholesale costs. Any of these products can be added to your website.

Dropship Program Features :
  • 800 MBs Website
  • 1000 MBs Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
All this for only $24.95 per month and a $9.95 setup Fee.
You choose one of the website types below or a blank Ecommerce website to add your own products. Its that simple.

Car Video Website

Remote Control Hobby Website

Coming Soon

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